Royal British Legion (RBL) Remembrance direct mail

For: RBL on behalf of Havas Helia.

Brief: Design a direct mail communication based on exisiting assets and in keeping with the brand guidelines and direct mail template.

Responsibilities: Lay out a clear first draft design incorporating supplied copy and choosing appropriate images from the exisiting RBL image library.

Outcomes: Taking creative cue from existing marketing for this campaign and being careful to adhere to the brand guidelines, a couple of inside reveal layouts were designed and presented.

We gave the client multiple options for the envelope front as there were several strong images and also the potential to segment the campaign into younger, older and family audiences if that data was available.

RBL Remembrance direct mail outer and inner

RBL Remembrance direct mail envelope front and inside reveal

RBL Remembrance alternative inner

RBL Remembrance direct mail alternative inside reveal

RBL Remembrance alternative outers

RBL Remembrance alternative outside fronts for audience segmentation

RBL Remembrance envelope reverse

RBL Remembrance envelope reverse