Lloyds Blanking Group (LBG) Payday eve emails

For: LBG on behalf of Havas Helia.

Brief: To create visually engaging emails from a modular template library with supplied copy from separate copy agency.

Responsibilities: Choosing suitable modules, stock images and creating appropriate illustrations, whilst being mindful of the different brands and audiences for each comms. Adjusting module and icon colours, but keeping within the contraints of brand guidelines and templates. Storyboarding any individual illustrations for animation.

Outcomes: These were the May editions of monthly emails for the client‘s retail banking customer base. Care was taken to create points of differnce between other recent monthly communications, through use of differnt module styles and colours where possible. However, core elements of the design were retained for consistency in areas such as ‘reviewing your month’.

LBG Lloyds Payday eve email

Lloyds branded payday eve email, ‘family audience’.

LBG Bank of Scotland Payday eve email

Bank of Scotland branded payday eve email ‘family audience’.

LBG Halifax Payday eve email

Halifax branded payday eve email ‘family audience’.