Great Western Railway (GWR) Black Friday campaign

For: GWR on behalf of Havas Helia.

Brief: To initially explore different concepts for 2022 Black Friday offer, then develop client's preferred route and design campaign assets for three phase delivery across various channels. To acheive 1500 new sign-ups to the GWR CRM database.

Responsibilities: To create initial visual ideas, taking into account previous sale campaign designs and adhering to brand guidelines. To design and produce assets and layouts for social media, web pages, app banner and emails.

Outcomes: Working closely with a copy writer, three visually different concepts were proposed. The client preferred the illustrative ‘Smart Cookie’ route. This was the outlier in terms of style, but had strong potential for using animation, and clever copy lines.

The illustration was re-worked to be more cookie like and storyboards for animation were produced for an animator to bring the visual to life.

The campaign exceeded performance targets, impressing the client with a final count of 3008 completely new sign-ups out of a total of 7245 overall unique sign-ups.

GWR Black Friday Concept 1 - Colours
GWR Black Friday Concept 2 - Off
GWR Black Friday Concept 3 - Smart Cookie

Visual concepts for Black Friday campaign

Black Friday social assets

GWR Black Friday social story and static single image post

Black Friday landing page and app banners

GWR Black Friday website landing page and app banners

Black Friday registration pages

GWR Black Friday registration, thank you and registration closed pages

Black Friday offer emails

GWR Black Friday offer ‘initial’, ‘follow up’ and ‘one day left’ emails