alp design

I've been working with alp design for several years. Initially adapting the alp graphic identity from the interior designer's mark on her products to a suitable identity for use across print and digital media.

I'm currently working on a new online solution for that also serves as a sales platform as well as a site that is responsive across all screen sizes.

The multi-device mockups are designs for how the new website could look. The navigation as been re-ordered so that 'Press' and 'Shows' fall under the 'About' section, giving great focus in the primary navigation on the alp product range and interior design services.

alp design - current website product page

alp design responsive homepage

alp design - responsive homepage layouts. Showing primary and secondary nav and one of a series of revolving homepage images.

alp design responsive tables pages

alp design - responsive layouts for the tables range category. The page shows pictures of each item in the category that link through to the product page. A breadcrumb navigation clearly shows the user where they are within the site architecture.

alp design responsive table 001 page

alp design - responsive layouts for one of the tables range. Each range product has a separate page with main image and black and white thumbnails which when clicked or tapped are shown as the main image.