About me

In a nutshell I'm an experienced and highly proficient digital designer who can write a few lines of code (html & css mainly) and create engaing and original copy. I've also been known to knock out the odd poster or leaflet.

A brief history

My passion for digital design started back at Camberwell Art College during the original dot.com boom. Web design seemed the perfect marriage between my creative side and my more left brained logic and problem solving side.

Having originally studied illustration; a new and exciting world combining coding with user interface design suddenly opened up. Work experience at confetti.co.uk lead to my first position there. Looking back it was very much early days for the web.

After Confetti I went agency side, joining PH2 Ltd. There I branched out, working on both web and print projects, mainly for the property industry. During the 2008 financial crisis I kept my head above water on various freelance projects before contracting at leading cancer charity CLIC Sargent.

After seeing the job ad for a digital designer at Virgin Trains, I jumped at the opportunity to work there. And here we are more than 5 years later!

And a bit more...

Keeping up with the incredible pace of development in the design world has been both a challenge and a joy. I've kept my skills up to date with short training courses along the way, but much of my learning has been hands on through day-to-day experience.

My inspiration comes from far and wide. From the incessant stream of content online to the ever-evolving street art around parts of the capital, I have a particular passion for 20th century American painters such as Robert Rauchenberg and Cy Twombly and I always like to have a novel on the go �The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt being a recent favourite.

I don't currently have any unusual interests (sorry!) there's just too much going on! But I have previously canoed around much of the west coast of Scotland (very wet!) and travelled around parts of the Middle East (very dry!) among other adventures.

Alison Merriman